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Before we undertake the design responsibility of a wireless fire alarm system, a free onsite radio strength survey would be completed by our trained surveyor and wireless system designer

This procedure is vital to ensure the proposed system is fully compliant and compromises of the correct quantity of radio devices, every building has different characteristics and our designs are tailored to these requirements.

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Minimum 20db from the translator to the device.

Yes, to BS5839 EN54

Fire alarm radio frequency is 868MHz

3-8 years (batteries will be replaced on service visits)

Yes, we can interface wired with wireless, using the same control panel

10 years after health check

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Wireless fire protection technologies have moved a long way in recent years. Early wireless fire alarm systems experienced a number of difficulties, predominantly in relation to their battery life. 40 years later, we no longer have to deal with these sorts of issues and the performance of batteries has improved drastically in this time-frame. Take a look at Tesla for example, a concept that is completely reliant on battery performance and having cars powered by batteries would have been a dream of the future back in the 1980’s, nowadays it’s becoming a normality with more and more major manufacturers following suit and pushing battery performance to it’s limits.


Wireless fire alarm systems have advanced and excelled at an exceptional rate over recent years, with most noticeable increases to their performance, reliability, cost effectiveness and even variety of systems that are available on the market. Because of their easy to install and easy to use nature, they have become an extremely popular choice with a number of life safety specialists.

There are many different wireless fire alarm systems on the market nowadays and some offer greater versatility than others. As an installer, when we choose a manufacturer we have to look into a number of different aspects and one of the highest priorities is reliability, especially when it comes to something that is responsible for saving lives. Choosing a product that is unreliable costs a level of trust with the customer and costs us money in return visits to repair and maintain the system, which ultimately results in a bad reputation which is key to our high percentage of referrals and repeat business. For reliability, one of our preferred manufacturers is Hyfire and we highly recommend their wireless fire alarm systems.


  • Versatile hybrid wired and wireless systems

  • Multiprotocol

  • Easy to retrofit

  • Minimal downtime to normal business operation

  • Cost effective

  • Reduced installation time

  • System portability

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Typical Wireless Fire Alarm Applications

Taking recent activities into account, we have experienced a huge increase in the installation of wireless fire alarm solutions in high rise buildings. Old combustible cladding has been held responsible for some of the more recent fire based fatalities, The Grenfell Tower disaster experiencing 72 fatalities and causing a lasting imprint on the fire protection landscape being one of the most high profile cases in recent years. The disaster triggered an in depth investigation into the fire safety found within high rise building and the protection of both lives and property.

In high rise buildings such as flats which are capable of housing a large number of people, the protection of lives is a necessity. Following on from the Grenfell disaster, a number of blocks of flats have opted for wireless fire alarm systems to ensure that they, and their residents, remain protected. This gives more protection to the combustible cladding that is already in place as the wireless alarm systems provide an incredible level of coverage across the entire building. It allows removes the necessity for the “waking watch” requirement where somebody is required to monitor the building at all times in case of fire.

Wireless fire alarm systems are also very popular among buildings with historical stature or properties with architectural restrictions, sites with multiple outbuildings and also for temporary protection in areas such as construction sites.

Providing critical fire protection is paramount, regardless of the application. That’s why VOCA Fire Protection ensure that we will help you to find the best possible wireless fire alarm solution for your establishment.

Innovative wireless fire solutions to homes and businesses across the UK

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