VOCA Fire Protection are specialists dealing with Nursecall systems. We can install, service and maintain many Nursecall systems, in addition to providing annual contracts to our customers providing them with peace of mind that their life safety systems will always be in safe hands 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


As experts in the field of Nurse Call systems, whether for a care home or in a hospital environment, we have years of experience with working closely with our clients to understand the unique nurse call needs for any individual project. Each nurse call solution that we provide allows both staff and patients to feel safe and provides you with key data to ensure you are managing the system safely and efficiently.

Our highly trained team of consultants have years of experience advising on the most economical solution for your project and how best to cater for towards patients with more complex needs.

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Nursecall system installation and maintenance

Quantec Nursecall Systems

Quantec is a high-powered nurse call system which can be tailored to suit any size building and boasts many excellent features from day/night modes, to built-in data-logging.

Quantec can also be linked to a software monitoring system installed on your computer which will allow you to monitor the whole building for busiest times/rooms to quietest times/rooms and this will allow you to staff your building efficiently, saving you £’s per year in unnecessary costs.

Wandsworth IPiN Systems

IPiN Evolution is the latest version of a fully IP nursecall solution. Evolution offers a fully tested, compliant and enhanced solution for the modern healthcare environment.

The system easily allows for the addition, removal or re-routing of services whether they are a Wandsworth or third-party solution, creating a dynamic, future-proof hospital infrastructure that can change and adapt in line with the needs of patients, practitioners, and managers.

Possum Healthcare Wireless Nursecall Systems

Possum offers a wide range of wireless products which can be adapted easily to suit your home’s requirements. Possum’s telecare systems can be as simple or as complex as your needs require. Enhanced systems use a wide range of sensors, which remotely trigger a call for help in specific situations – such as when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, if there is a flood or if you suffer an epileptic seizure or fall. The system can be tailored to your particular needs – for example, you may wish an alarm to be triggered should a sensor detect a prolonged period of inactivity, or if somebody leaves or enters a room.

Possum’s wide range of sensors can be connected to the Neo Care Phone, Neo M Care Phone or the Info Pager (carried by a family member, carer or warden). If you are living in a hospice, hospital or residential home setting, Possum offers Nurse Call link as a secure and straightforward way to summon assistance. Nurse Call link enables patients with physical limitations to use existing nurse call systems by using any of a choice of a wide range of specialist disability switches. In addition, the system can alert portable InfoPagers which will provide details of the alarm location directly to busy nurses on the move.


Increased Response Time 60%
Running Costs 50%
Monitoring Uptime 100%


  • Ensure patients receive the care they need

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Lower disruption levels

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Fast, accurate and reliable

  • Live response tracking reporting

  • Versatile and adaptable to a variety of situations

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems

  • Neat, economical installation with all wiring easy to hide

  • Shared IP system communication infrastructure

  • Notify staff directly

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Planning a big project? Take a look at the other services we offer that could make your project plan easier.

Fire Suppression

A low cost and easy to install fire suppression system that in the event of a fire produces a fine cloud of water mist.


Door Access

State of the art high-quality digital surveillance and door security hardware will keep your home or business premises secure.


Electrical Installation

Each member of our team of NIC EIC and Safe contractor approved engineers has over a decade of experience in the electrical sector.



High-quality digital CCTV surveillance technology ensures the safety and security of your home or business premises.



VOCA Fire Protection are specialists in dealing with the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of all major Nursecall systems.


Fire Alarms

Our dedicated team of specialists can design, install and commission any fire alarm system to British Standard BS5839.

We are a SAFEContractor registered company


Every member of our team is highly trained and qualified in all aspects of work, ranging from the installation and maintenance of watermist systems though to the design and planning of a fully detailed security project. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose VOCA Fire Protection, our team of fully qualified and registered engineers will complete your project to the highest possible standard.


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