Voice alarm systems, otherwise referred to as voice evacuation systems, are installed into buildings with the goal of ensuring the safety of staff and the general public in mind. They utilise a PA system from a local hub to assist with ensuring that safe evacuation of an area or building during an emergency of any kind, allowing all persons within the premises to be alerted to the danger and informed of the safest evacuation route. During times where these systems are not needed to be used to make any form of alarm announcement, they are commonly used to play background music, broadcast advertisements and make public address announcements to either the entire premises or to select zones/areas.


Over the years, scientific research has proven that in cases of emergency, people generally react with confusion and panic unless they are given a clear and intelligible message with instructions. P.A. systems are the perfect way to get this information across to a large number of people in a very short space of time as they allow you to spread a message throughout an entire building or localise it to a certain area, as opposed to more traditional systems such as bells and sounders which will give an audible tone but provide no details about the emergency which can leave people with uncertainty, often leading to panicked reaction and in extreme cases can lead to fatalities. This is where voice alarm systems linked into a P.A. system are perfect as they provide clear and easily understood instructions, either via live or pre-recorded messages to ensure that everyone is evacuated safely and efficiently.

P.A. systems to be used to provide this information need to work when they are required and are therefore monitored continuously at all time to ensure that it is ready to be activated during an emergency. These systems include some form of power backup, either via batteries or an external generator, to ensure that the system will work even in the case of a power failure. These systems can be used in conjunction with our other services, such as door access and emergency lighting to allow you to create lockdown areas and clear emergency evacuation routes.

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All installation work is carried out by our highly trained team of engineers. At VOCA Fire Protection we ensure that all our work is installed and monitored to ensure the in times of emergency our systems work as intended.

Public Address Systems for Emergencies

In cases of emergency, a public address system being utilised as a voice alarm can be the difference between a perfectly executed evacuation and a catastrophic event. In areas such as shopping centres and other public places, they are vital to ensure the safety of all customers and pedestrians inside the building at all times, even when there are no emergencies. Our team at VOCA Fire Protection have carried out a large number of voice alarm and public address system installations throughout the country and are capable of installing, servicing and maintaining these systems to the highest possible standard.

  • Tailored to individual project sizes, from small building to large scale shopping centres.

  • Easy to add additional hardware and devices to add more coverage.

  • Works in conjunction with additional systems such as door access and CCTV.

  • Our team provide 24-hour monitoring to ensure safety at all times.

Voice Alarm & P.A. System Installation


Accredited Engineers
Discreet Cabling Work
Futureproof & Upgradeable


  • Can be performed for a fresh build or a retrofit project

  • Keeps all visitors safe and secure

  • Can be performed in addition to our other services such as CCTV and door access to create a linked system

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Utilise speakers outside of emergencies to play background music and make announcements over the PA system

  • Every installation is bespoke to individual needs

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