Soundfield systems are a form of amplification system that are used to evenly spread sound throughout an entire room, rather than just in the direction that the speaker is facing at the time. They are incredibly beneficial in the education industry as it allows teachers to be able to clearly interact with all students, even those who are hard of hearing, from wherever they are sitting, even if they or the teacher are facing in different directions. Because soundfield systems amplify the sound produced by the speaker, they affect everyone present in the room and is proven to increase concentration as they are able to hear and listen more clearly and effectively.


Soundfield systems are becoming more and more vital as a part of education, with students spending on average more than half of their school day learning using their ears to listen to instructions from their teacher or to pay attention to word problems. Hearing this information well is essential for any student to achieve the best grades and to ensure that they can be set up as best as possible for their future. Nowadays, because the majority of schools and higher education facilities in the UK were built outside of the more modern era, they weren’t designed with the optimal acoustic environment in mind and, as an example, at the rear of a normal classroom there is only approximately 50% of the speech energy remaining and this can be diffused and ‘echoey’.  For children and younger people who are always looking to build and expand on their grasp of language, studies have shown that they need approximately 10dBA louder speech signal than adults do to effectively hear, with only students who are in their teens coming close to matching the speech recognition abilities shown within adults.

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Basic diagram of a Sounfield System in operation

Hear Better, Learn Better

VOCA Fire Protection offer a complete Soundfield system solution with a range and selection of amplifiers, speakers, induction loop systems, personal hearing and listening devices and voice enhancement hardware. We provide, install and support every package bespoke to your individual needs to ensure that you can make the most out of your Soundfield system.

Introduction to Soundfield Systems

Soundfield systems, and those who have experience with them, have been able to provide overwhelming evidence of the advantages of using them within a classroom environment. Approximately 96% of teachers involved with Soundfield studies noted an overall improvements in the attention, listening and comprehension of their students and Primary level teachers rated Soundfield systems as the most useful piece of technology to aid with teaching. They have shown a belief that good acoustics within a classroom are equally as important as good lighting when attempting to provide students with the perfect learning environment.

Due to the increased in ability to hear clearly, students have been shown to be more than twice as likely to make increased gains in their literacy skills, in addition to also liking the Soundfield system as it makes it a lot easier for them to hear whats being said by their teacher. In recent studies comparing both Soundfield and non-Soundfield classes, it found that teachers were required to spend much less time directing attention to individual students in order to repeat instructions or keep their attention.

Diagram of an Induction Loop System


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  • More attentive audience

  • Better subject comprehension and retention

  • Fewer repetitions for the speaker

  • Calmer atmosphere

  • Improved concentration

  • Reduced strain on speakers voice

  • Cost effective

  • Wireless microphone system

  • Teach at a normal speaking level

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