Fire Alarm Systems Wigan installed and maintained by VOCA Fire Protection.  We have a team of specialist fire alarm installers working from our head office in  Wigan who can design, install and commission any fire alarm system to British Standard BS5839 . We also give you ongoing service and support once the system is up and running.

 It is crucial that your fire alarm system is designed to meet the specific needs of your company. There are many different types of systems, but the most common ones are below.


We fit all of our fire alarm systems in accordance with British Standard BS5839, all equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to minimise the risk of false alarm. With our Wigan based Fire alarm installers your company will be provided with a detailed specification and layout of the system proposed. We can design, supply, install and maintain your fire alarm system, all systems can be tailored to suite your budget and needs. Contact us for more information

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Fire Alarm Installers Wigan

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Cost-effective and more basic, non-addressable fire alarm systems and control panels provide a sufficient level of protection for the majority of businesses such as shops or restaurants. Connecting to compatible devices, the control panel indicates the activated zone for the location of the fire incident with a zone chart explaining where this has occurred.

The compatible devices that can be used include optical smoke detectors, sounders, heat detectors, bell modules and relay modules with additional interfaces allowing the usage of conventional detection and zone monitoring systems.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Fully addressable fire alarm control panels allow you the see the exact location of the connected device which has activated, saving you valuable time when planning the safest method of escape. Our addressable fire alarm panels are compatible with all devices, meaning you are not tied in with a specific manufacturer or service provider and we can tailor the package to your individual needs.

The programmable features available within an addressable fire alarm system make it the most intelligent and powerful system available for public buildings or larger office buildings. Some of the features included are the ability to adjust the sensitivity of smoke detectors, complete integration with existing systems, remote diagnostic capability and much more.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

The majority of fire alarm systems are installed using fireproof cabling, meaning that any smoke alarms and sounders are all fitted onto cable runs around the building in question. For some installations, cabling could be disruptive to the property or a client could want something a bit more flexible.

Wireless fire alarm systems an amazing alternative to more standard cable based installation. As well as being used in high-end premises such as museums and hotels, they are also perfect for temporary usage on construction sites due to their portability. Wireless fire alarm systems are perfect for retro-fitting and simply screw into the wall or ceiling to provide fire coverage. The systems themselves are fully addressable and capable of supporting hundreds of devices across hundreds of zones, providing an ideal solution to be used in any project from small domestic buildings to large commercial properties.

All of our wireless fire alarm systems have a long operational life, incredible sensitivity and stable detector operation which has been tested and successfully achieved using technologically advance interior components.


Monitoring uptime 100%
Lower maintenance costs 50%
Quicker to escape 75%


  • Ability to retrofit in existing buildings

  • Rapid detection and alerts to any fire situation

  • Low running and maintenance costs

  • Ability to choose between a wired or wireless system dependent to the needs of your project

  • Pinpoint location of affected devices

  • Connect hundreds of detectors and sounders

  • Ideal for any sized building

  • Intelligent, programmable features

  • All systems tested to British Standard BS5839

  • Choose from a wide range of manufacturers and devices

  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent solution

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Fire Alarms

Our dedicated team of specialists can design, install and commission any fire alarm system to British Standard BS5839.

We are a SAFEContractor registered company


Every member of our team is highly trained and qualified in all aspects of work, ranging from the installation and maintenance of watermist systems though to the design and planning of a fully detailed security project. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose VOCA Fire Protection, our team of fully qualified and registered engineers will complete your project to the highest possible standard.


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