Evacuation Systems

At VOCA Fire Protection, we operate to the BS8629 standard for the design, installation, commission and maintenance of evacuation systems for residential buildings. These systems are specifically designed to aid emergency services during events of fire to protect the lives of all residents living within the premises. Typically, these types of installations are found in high rise apartment buildings to ensure that residents can be evacuated on a floor by floor basis.

Evacuation systems can be installed as either a wired or wireless system, dependent on the needs of the building, and are able to be retrofit to buildings of any size.

What is BS8629?

BS8629 was implemented in 2019 as a code of practice for the design, installation, commission and maintenance of fire evacuation alert systems to be used in residential buildings containing flats to aid fire and rescue services.

The standard was introduced in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy as a method of preventing further disaster and loss of life. The recommendation was for “all high rise residential building, both existing and future builds, to be equipped with facilities for use via emergency fire and rescue services to enable them to send evacuation signals to either the whole or selected part of the building using sounders of similar devices”.

Before the standard was introduced, on the rare occasion that evacuation was required it would be the responsibility of the emergency services to alert all residents by hand to evacuate the premises. With the introduction of evacuation systems, emergency services can evacuate a full floor with greater ease and speed, protecting more residents over a shorter period of time.

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Evacuation System Installation

The installation of fire evacuation systems carried out by VOCA Fire Protection to the BS8629 standard is performed by a member of our highly experienced and accredited team.

Bespoke Evacuation Alert Systems

Although the systems are completely standalone and can be used in buildings of any size, as long as they are a residential block, every project is completely individual and has different requirements. Because of this, VOCA Fire Protection are able to install evacuation systems that match the exact requirements of the project at hand, from wired installations through to completely wireless setups. They are also a completely standalone system and don’t require a specific alarm system to have been previously installed to operate correctly and alert all residents via an alarm if the need to evacuate arises.

  • Fully tailored systems to fit specific projects.

  • Install additional hardware and devices with ease.

  • Standalone system to be used in addition to existing alarm infrastructure.

  • Dedicated support and monitoring systems in place.

Reasons to choose VOCA Fire Protection

Accredited Engineers
Retrofit Systems
Futureproof & Upgradeable

Advantages of evacuation systems

  • Protection for all residential properties taller than 18 metres (or as per FRA)

  • Install sounders in individual flats to alert residents

  • Utilises either a 72 hour battery backup or standby generator

  • Clear and consistent signage throughout

  • Each floor or fire compartment is managed as an individual zone

  • Easy to install additional devices

  • Every installation is bespoke to individual needs

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